Join us in accelerating the transition to a sustainable society with green electrocatalytic technology.


 Carbon capture technology that generates value and integrates carbon dioxide into a circular economy.

Green Electrocatalytic Cells for Carbon Capture and Utilization

Our team excels in designing precise and impactful setups to faciliate the green transition to a sustainable society.

Green electrodes and electrocatalysts

We use electrodes and electrocatalysts based on organic or non-critical metal (Fe, Ni, Cu) compounds.

i) cost-effective

ii) environmentally benign

iii) long-lasting

Carbon-Recycling into Formic Acid or Methanol

Our technology efficiently captures carbon dioxide from flue gas and directly converts into useful chemicals.

i) easy product separation

ii) high product purity

ii) scalable


Clean air for a better world

CarbGen AB is a green technology company based in Stockholm, building on extensive research at the frontiers of electrocatalytic technology at Stockholm University. We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and create a cleaner environment by offering cutting-edge solutions for carbon capture and utilization (CCU), thereby making it a profitable reality.

CarbGen's innovative technology offers unique capability to capture carbon dioxide from flue gas while directly recycling it into pure liquid feedstock, such as methanol or formic acid. These value-added products can be used for making new materials or fuels.

Today, the CarbGen team in Stockholm stands at the forefront of technological advancements, collaborating with leading industry partners to tackle complex challenges. With a focus on sustainability and technological excellence, we are pushing forward towards a greener and brighter future.


Engineer Your Future

Next-generation throughput Projects

We tackle new challenges in CCU to push boundaries and drive progress in a dynamic environment.

Team Collaboration

We thrive on teamwork, leveraging diverse skills and perspectives to achieve impactful research outcomes.

Career Development

We invest in your growth through mentorship, training, and opportunities for professional advancement.


Innovative Methods in Chemical Research & Engineering

Current state-of-the-art technologies use high pressure of hydrogen and/or noble metals for producing formic acid or methanol. 

CarbGen AB utilizes organic catalysts, non-critical metals, and water.

TEAM CarbGen


By the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, as

innovations with great potential in Circular economy, Society & Welfare

An International platform for innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability- A Nordic entrepreneurship competition

Recent Updates

March 2024

Erica Zeglio has joined the CarbGen team as business representative.

May 2024

The CarbGen team enjoying the sunshine!

Recent Updates

May 2024

Sharon Berkowicz joins the team as an intern (acting project manager).

Sharon harbors a strong passion for driving advancements in green technology. Her academic background includes a Ph.D. in chemical physics from Stockholm University and an M.Sc. in chemistry from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Moreover, she has accumulated valuable research internship experiences at EPFL and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

June 2024

CarbGen presented at the workshop "Advances in Materials and Catalysis for a Sustainable Future" hosted by Stockholm Material Hub, a network connecting academia and enterprises in the Stockholm region. We were delighted to meet with researchers and stakeholders sharing our enthusiasm for novel materials and catalysts.

Job Openings

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CarbGen AB is always looking for talent. Please stay tuned here for updates.

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